Local Outreach

Loving Our Neighbor at Home

We are constantly humbled and overjoyed to be in relationships with numerous churches and ministries who bring God’s love to West Sacramento and the world.

Shores of Hope

In the spirit of Christian love and compassion, Shores of Hope (formerly the Broderick Christian Center) is dedicated to reversing the negative consequences of economic, social and other misfortune in the areas of employment, health, housing and hunger through education technology and other resources so that each member of our community can enjoy and participate to his or her full potential in the richness of life in our community, our society and our country.

Shores of Hope provides transitional housing, a child development center, and a transportation program. LCC partners with Shores of Hope in a variety of capacities, including collaboration in the West Sacramento Mercy Coalition.

Family Care


Births, bereavement, material needs, crisis, comfort … these are some of the events and circumstances that are addressed by the Family Care ministry.  From hospital visitations, to delivery of meals for a season, to help with rides or food bags, Family Care can communicate and coordinate needs to the church family.

Contact Sara Waffird for more information, lighthousewestsac@gmail.com.

Collings Teen Center


Lighthouse’s history is so intrinsically woven with the Collings Teen Center (CTC) that the two have often worked as one ministry. Shared staff, volunteers, programming, buses, and other resources have created a cherished partnership and served thousands of West Sacramento teenagers since 2004.

The CTC runs after-school programs, Campus Life clubs on- and off-campus, special youth trips, and a daily after-school meal to teens. It is also a generous ministry partner in the community, acting as the base-of-operations for the Mercy Coalition’s daily assembly of lunches for the homeless.


homelessEmbrace is a ministry that focuses on caring for the homeless and poor in our city.  It acts as LCC’s conduit to the West Sac Mercy Coalition, a collaborative of churches that focuses on homeless-related issues.

Embrace secures and assembles weekly lunches as part of the Mercy Coalition partnership, using the Collings Teen Center as a pantry and staging point.

Ministry leader contact: Nicole Ring, grover4066@gmail.com.

Mercy Coalition

“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” – Micah 6:8


The Mercy Coalition is a partnership of West Sacramento churches and faith-based organizations, working together to meet the needs of the homeless and poor in our city. Since September of 2013, the Coalition has provided bagged lunches every weekday of the year – a total of more than 13,000 lunches per year.

The Coalition had its first stirrings in 2010, when a fire destroyed the Broderick Christian Center’s day shelter – a primary hub of services for many of the city’s homeless. Local churches quickly organized themselves to provide daily meals for the homeless for six weeks that summer, with a lunch assembly line gathering each day at the Collings Teen Center, made up of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds and faith traditions.

In September of 2013, other non-profit funding dried up for providing homeless meals in West Sacramento. The Coalition quickly organized itself again, and in a matter of days had a multi-church system in place for getting 50 to 80 lunches a day out to the homeless population. That arrangement ultimately led to a pilot program in partnership with Yolo County and the City of West Sacramento, with the Coalition churches invited to serve lunches on County social services property each weekday. This created opportunities for nonprofit and county case workers to also extend services to these same clients.

By God’s amazing grace and leading, the Coalition has been able to weave together resources from local food banks, the Broderick Christian Center, the Collings Teen Center, and the churches’ own food stores to keep the lunches flowing. In 2014, the churches worked together to provide more than 16,000 lunches to the hungry in our city.

In November of 2014, the Coalition was privileged to be part of the innovative Bridge To Housing pilot project. The collaborative project, led by the county and City, helped 71 longtime riverside campers relocate to a local motel for 120 days of shelter and case-management services, as a means of creating a hopeful path to transitional permanent housing.

Check out Mercy Coalition on Facebook.