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Loving Our Neighbor Abroad

We are constantly humbled and overjoyed to be in relationships with numerous churches and ministries who bring God’s love to West Sacramento and the world.

2018 Mexico & Peru Mission Teams

Ensenada Mission Team, July 14-20, 2018

Peru Mission Team, October 20-28, 2018

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Ensenada Family Mission Trip

We partner with a ministry called El Refugio that Lighthouse has worked with for prior mission trips.  El Refugio operates a multifaceted ministry that works with various churches from Canada, USA and Mexico.  Their primary ministry is Casa Esther, a girls safe house in a family setting in Ensenada for teens and pre-teens who have been rescued from situations of violence, abuse, neglect, drug use or prostitution.  They also partner with local churches to provide food to needy communities through feeding programs and visitation ministries of many sorts (Prison visits, Rehab Center visits, Migrant Camp visits, etc).  Check out their facebook page:  El Refugio (The Refuge)@therefugemx.

“It isn’t just the trip. Not by a long shot. It’s the prayer together, the prayer for the El Refugio girls, the seeking of God’s face for months beforehand, the sharing of a spiritual journey with our youth and children. There’s a crossing-over place for many people where it stops being merely missions tourism and becomes a full heart transplant – one that affects their faith going forward. But first you gotta make the scary choice to get on the bus with Someone Else driving.”

-Pastor Don, 2011 mission team member to El Refugio

Aucayacu, Peru

PeruWalkingIn the jungles of northeastern Peru, the town of Aucayacu found itself caught in the crossfire of the terrorism and drug wars of the 1980s and early 1990s. Over time the town became a notorious symbol of the lawlessness and corruption that befell much of Peru. Even when the terrorism and the violence began to decrease in the late 1990s, the town’s reputation persisted, causing legitimate commercial enterprises to stay away and deeply undermining the town’s fragile economy.


The children of those violent years are now the grown, emerging voices in helping Aucayacu rebuild its future. One of them is Abel (Jack) Bardales, who in 2011 married a young American named Gretchen Jones – a missionary to Peru and one of Lighthouse’s longtime favorite daughters (from her days at Westside Covenant, one of LCC’s merging churches in 2010). From their home in Lima, Jack and Gretchen make frequent missionary forays to Aucayacu (and even held their wedding ceremony there). They have helped Aucayacu become something of a sister ministry site to Lighthouse, allowing us to send gifts and mission teams to minister to our friends there.

Once having felt forgotten by the government, by the world, and by God, the people are encountering, and responding to, God’s faithfulness anew through the consistent efforts of Jack, Gretchen and many others.

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India CSW Villages

For the safety of missionaries in India, we have removed any mention of past campaigns, but our prayers will fervently persist for the children indoctrinated into the sex trade.  Their photos and letters will remain in our church and homes, and we will remain confident in the love of Christ and his missionaries to spread the good news of freedom.

Our Fave Missionaries