• The name and image of a lighthouse is a reminder to let Jesus be the light, while we are the house keepers.
    The name and image of a lighthouse is a reminder to let Jesus be the light, while we are the house keepers.

    MARCH 1997: A small group of West Sacramentans, including Don & Melody Bosley and John & Pam McKee, begin praying and working together in response to God’s prompting to establish a Christ-based teen center in West Sacramento.

  • SEPTEMBER 1997: The teen center group begins a partnership with Sacramento Youth for Christ, headed by Gary Fox – a longtime member of First Covenant Church.
  • APRIL 1998: Seeking a local church in which to connect newly-saved teens, the Bosleys, McKees, Becky Hernandez, Nicole Ring, and others begin praying and laying the groundwork for a new church plant in partnership with Elk Grove CC.
  • JUNE 1998: The Evangelical Covenant Church, also looking to church-plant in West Sacramento, contacts Don Bosley about potential partnership with his group. Bosley declines. But politely.
  • AUGUST 1998: River of Life Community Church launches. Its first home is Community Lutheran Church, which lasts two weeks.
  • JUNE 1999: David Losey is called as River of Life’s first senior pastor.
  • OCTOBER 2001: With a team comprised primarily of members from First Covenant Church, Clark Crebar leads the first planning meeting for the planting of a new Covenant church in West Sacramento.
  • FEBRUARY 2002: Westside Covenant stages its first Sunday service – at Evergreen Elementary School.
  • MARCH 2002: Against all conceivable odds, River of Life purchases a 5,000-square-foot building on 1 1/4 acres at 3605 Gregory Avenue.
  • SPRING 2003: The newly-named Collings Teen Center completes the purchase of a 12,000-square-foot facility at 1541 Merkley Avenue. Major, major rehab begins.
  • OCTOBER 2003: Westside members join River of Life in a Harvest Festival outreach on the Gregory Avenue property.
  • APRIL 2004: Westside moves into the newly refurbished teen center.
  • 2003-2004: Westside pastor Clark Crebar and ROL pastor David Losey join pastors from around the city to stage a series of quarterly All-City Worship services.
  • FALL 2005: Westside pastor Clark Crebar is called to ministry in Minnesota. Worship leader Billy Kerr is called to be Westside’s senior pastor.
  • AUGUST 2008: David Losey steps down as pastor at River of Life. Don Bosley is called to replace him.
  • FALL 2008: River of Life votes to separate from its mother fellowship, Radiant Life of Sacramento (formerly Elk Grove Community Church)
  • WINTER 2008-2009: Westside pastor Billy Kerr is called to ministry in Arizona. Phil Sommerville is called to pastor on an interim basis.
  • JANUARY 2009: On the cusp of losing its Gregory Ave. property, River of Life finally completes a long-sought refinancing effort in the middle of the worst recession in decades.
  • JULY 2009: Don Bosley becomes part-time executive director of the Collings Teen Center (hired by Gary Fox, a longtime contemporary of Clark Crebar’s at First Covenant, and now effectively Westside’s landlord at the teen center).
  • OCTOBER 2009: River of Life – returning the favor from many years earlier – sends volunteers in support of Westside’s Harvest Festival outreach at the teen center.
  • APRIL 2010: At a planning meeting for another joint outreach, Phil Sommerville whimsically mentions the potential beauty of a Westside- ROL merger.
  • OCTOBER 23-24, 2010: River of Life and Westside Covenant vote overwhelmingly to merge their two church bodies as a new fellowship under the Evangelical Covenant Church, making its home at the Gregory Avenue property.

In 2013, the Covenant Companion magazine asked Pastor Don Bosley to recount the story of how God led two small West Sacramento churches through an unlikely 2010 merger to become Lighthouse. His account below offers some of the perspective and flavor of those memorable, and surprising, days. To read the article CLICK HERE