Lead Pastor Search

For questions related to leadership, and ongoing pastor search, please contact the Board of Overseers.

Anthony Mendoza, Worship Pastor

I am honored and privileged to get to be the guy who plays music for God’s kingdom! One of the greatest feelings in the world is to look out and see the Holy Spirit moving in the hearts of my church friends and family as we worship together! It’s funny. I spent my teens and twenties playing in bands and touring the country, and NEVER would have imagined playing in church. I thought being a worship leader was something you do if you’re not good enough to cut it in the music industry! Man, I was wrong.

It’s a long story, but I spent most of my twenties fighting depression, addictions, and doubting the Lord. One day He opened my eyes and restored my faith. Actually, He made Himself so real to me that I could no longer deny his existence. He had won me over, and saved me from myself! I was filled with so much joy, I couldn’t think of anything BUT worshiping Him and serving Him! From then on, all I’ve wanted to do was share my love for praising God with others.

I am sharing life with my beautiful wife, Amanda, who has blessed me with three angels: my daughters, Emery and Ellis, and my son, Eisley! Together, we pray for God’s guidance as we learn and re-learn to love others and one another more every day!

Board of Overseers

The Board of Overseers provides oversight and protection of the church body, shepherds its members, and ensures that the ministry fulfills its core mission. Overseers are entrusted with the responsibility to help develop strategy, monitor performance, ensure church financial accountability, make decisions about policies and procedures, appoint the pastor and ministers, and give counsel to the staff as needed.

Overseers are chosen by church members as those who demonstrate Christian character and spiritual discernment. They are nominated by a committee of members at large and voted on by the membership of the congregation. Board members can serve up to three consecutive two-year terms. The current board is pictured below, named left to right: Kim Dees (President), Alex Mihov (Treasurer), Mary Wagner (Secretary), Rick Lynch, Mike Dighton, Joe Comisky, Jim Ramsey, and Rob Hughes.