El Refugio | Ensenada, Mexico

We partner with a ministry called El Refugio that Lighthouse has worked with for prior mission trips.  El Refugio operates a multifaceted ministry that works with various churches from Canada, USA and Mexico.  Their primary ministry is Casa Esther, a girls safe house in a family setting in Ensenada for teens and pre-teens who have been rescued from situations of violence, abuse, neglect, drug use or prostitution.  They also partner with local churches to provide food to needy communities through feeding programs and visitation ministries of many sorts (Prison visits, Rehab Center visits, Migrant Camp visits, etc).  Check out their facebook page:  El Refugio (The Refuge)@therefugemx.

“It isn’t just the trip. Not by a long shot. It’s the prayer together, the prayer for the El Refugio girls, the seeking of God’s face for months beforehand, the sharing of a spiritual journey with our youth and children. There’s a crossing-over place for many people where it stops being merely missions tourism and becomes a full heart transplant – one that affects their faith going forward. But first you gotta make the scary choice to get on the bus with Someone Else driving.”

-Pastor Don, 2011 mission team member to El Refugio