It takes nine hours of flying to reach Lima; and another one-hour flight to reach Pucalpa; and the craziest, most majestic, most Dramamine-filled 5-hour van ride through the Peruvian mountains to reach the little town of Aucayacu. And, man, it’s worth every mile.

For the third time since 2014, Lighthouse sent a team to visit and minister with our friends in Aucayacu. As before the the trip was led by longtime missionary friends Gretchen and Jack Bardales – along with their two young children, Jaden and Bethany, who are new additions since our last trip.

“The love we feel from the people of Aucayacu – and the love we have for them – is just incredible,” said Mary Wagner, who’s been part of all three teams. “God is there. God is there every time.”

Published by Lighthouse Covenant Church of West Sacramento

All Our Heart. All Our Soul. All Our Mind. All Our Strength. You, O Lord, are worthy of that kind of love!

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