10 Years Later

By Don Bosley, Jr.

  1. Only one thing is needed.
  2. The Bible is only as good as your Interpreter.
  3. Your soul cannot be for sale at any price.
  4. You have allegiance to only one kingdom.
  5. You have not truly learned to love until you sacrificially love outside your tribe.
  6. The whole Bible counts.
  7. To have the power, and surrender it for those without, is the way of Christ.
  8. False gods wear very good disguises.
  9. You must desire justice for them more than comfort for you.
  10. The Pharisees are alive and well. Call them out.
  11. Your confession should be  as passionate and plentiful as your accusation.
  12. Generosity is not a side order.  It’s everything.
  13. To presume God’s favor is to endanger it.
  14. Evil and blindness are not the same thing.
  15. God is, mysteriously, enough.

Ten Years Later – The List

Published by Lighthouse Covenant Church of West Sacramento

All Our Heart. All Our Soul. All Our Mind. All Our Strength. You, O Lord, are worthy of that kind of love!