Have Mercy on Me, A Sinner

By Don Bosley, Jr.

Luke 18: 9-14

Pharisee vs. Tax Collector

  • ‘Righteous’ vs. Unrighteous
  • Greatly respected vs. Greatly despised
  • Assumed he had God’s favor vs. Assumed he deserved God’s wrath
  • Recited his victories vs. Expressed his sorrowful need
  • Compared himself to others vs. Compared himself to God’s standard
  • Diminished others vs. Diminished himself
  • Smug, proud, chummy with God vs. Broken, humble, won’t even look at God
  • Counting on his own goodness vs. Counting on God’s mercy
  • Blinded vs. Seeing clearly
  • Not justified vs. Fully justified

Published by Lighthouse Covenant Church of West Sacramento

All Our Heart. All Our Soul. All Our Mind. All Our Strength. You, O Lord, are worthy of that kind of love!