No Miracles There – How the Favored Become the Irrelevant

By Pastor Don Bosley

Matthew 13:54-58

  1. Witness the spiritually amazing.
  2. Apply your own reason and worldview to the spiritually amazing.
  3. Become offended that the spiritually amazing defies your worldview.
  4. Reject or try to kill off the spiritually amazing in order to maintain your worldview.
  5. See the flow of miracles dry up.
 Why the label ‘Christian’ doesn’t mean a thing to God.
  1. Your obedience, not your self-description or affiliation, is at the heart of the matter.
  2. You can’t obey what you can’t hear or see.
  3. You can’t hear or see when your disobedience has made you blind and deaf to God.
  4. Your blindness and deafness will harm others.
  5. God would rather use an ignorant child than disobedient you to keep his light from going out.

No matter what your title or label.

Published by Lighthouse Covenant Church of West Sacramento

All Our Heart. All Our Soul. All Our Mind. All Our Strength. You, O Lord, are worthy of that kind of love!