We really, really enjoy telling our crazy story … because it reminds us every time of God’s love, faithfulness, and surpassing blessings for his people.   To our knowledge, this is not the typical manner in which churches come into existence.   But it’s our crazy story:

1. West Sacramento natives pursue Christ-based teen center (1997).   They have no idea what they’re doing.  They just pray a lot.

2. River of Life Church is planted (1998), by Elk Grove Community Church.   ROL meets

in schools and other churches for four years.

3. Westside Covenant Church is planted (2002).   Westside meets in schools for four years.

4. With a membership of about 40, ROL somehow purchases a former bar/bait shop on 1 1/4 acres in Southport (2002).   God provides the resources, financing and acreage.   ROL provides the gaping astonishment.

5. The Collings Teen Center (see No. 1) opens (2004).   Westside rents the buildings on Sundays for six years.

6. ROL’s part-time pastor is also hired as a part-time executive director of the teen center (2009).   That has the unplanned effect of bringing ROL and Westside together for joint outreaches.   The two fellowships take a fair liking to one another.

7. ROL and Westside merge into Lighthouse Covenant Church (2010), with a merger celebration service that blows the roof off and a new shared home on the Gregory Avenue property.