Pastor Don Bosley


Mine is the standard Mormon-kid-turned-professional-sportswriter-turned-pastor story. It is my humbled privilege to pastor this amazing church, about a quarter-mile from where I grew up - and meeting in a former bar and bait shop where I used to buy bubblegum cards as a kid (I am not making this up).

A 22-year career with The Sacramento Bee ended by God’s prompting in 2003, and now I am inspired every day by a congregation that loves to pray, loves to love, and loves to serve other churches, ministries, and neighbors. 

Most of my credibility comes as a result of being married to one of the city’s favorite daughters, a former homecoming queen who makes absolutely everything seem fun and possible. Melody and I have six of the coolest kids imaginable, two twin grandsons (as of October 2014!), dozens of unofficial family members, dozens more official ones ... and we shake our heads every day, in joyous disbelief, at the favor and compassion God pours upon us.

(I'm not making that up, either).